Hbomax is the greatest and the most well-known films and TV shows streaming player. It provides a wider range of streaming channels and videos which users can select according to their current requirements. Go to and follow the simple procedure to create an account for hbomax. Activate your hbo max tv using 6-digit activation code.

Steps to Create HBO MAX Account

Here are the steps for creating your hbo max account:

1. Open your favorite web browser and visit
2. From the TV provider list, choose your TV provider
3. Enter details like your name, email id, password.
4. Click on "register" button 5. After you are done registering your account, you can now proceed to activate hbo max account.

Activate HBO GO on smart TV using Mobile App

After creating your account at hbo max streaming player, you need to activate it using 6-digit activation code at

Here are the steps for activating your hbo max account:

1. Open Hbo max app on your smart TV
2. Click on "Connect your service provider" option.
3. Follow the on screen instruction to activate hbo go on tv
4. Open web and type
5. Enter hbo max activation code displayed on your TV.
6. Log in HBO MAx your account on HBO MAx app in your mobile
7. The smart TV will be automatically activated once you scan QR code to your mobile phone.
8. Choose your TV provider and enter the user name and password to complete the activation procedure.
9. You are all set to stream with HBO MAX.

HBO MAX Supporting Devices

HBO MAX is capable of running on almost each device smoothly. Here is a list of devices hbo max can be played easily:

• Android TV™
• Apple TV®
• iPad®
• iPhone®
• Computer
• Android™ devices
• iPod touch®
• XBOX One
• Chromecast